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About the use of cookies and personal data

Vitana’s websites uses cookies and similar technologies that store information on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. This is usually stored on the devices browser. We use cookies to grant visitors’ access to different functions on our websites, differentiate the users from each other, and analyze our websites performance and to utilize user-adapted interest-based advertising. This relies to some degree on the use of personal identifiable information from our users – as described below – and helps us improve our website and make our digital communication more relevant for our recipients.

Our visitors can voluntarily choose to accept the use of cookies through the settings on your browser or device. In your browser settings, you can adjust the preferences of which cookies your browser downloads. There, you can also delete all existing cookies that are stored on your browser or device. Please advise that if you block all cookies on your browser or device, this can result in a drop of our (and others) website performance and functions.

Purpose of cookies on this website

Our website uses cookies placed either by us or by third parties for the following purposes:

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If you wish to know more details regarding the use of cookies that are on this website, how we use them, third party access and which information we store please open the link “More information” further down on this page. Since some of our third-party suppliers also can use our cookies for information, you can find their contact information further down on this page.

Contact – Inquiry of access

Vitana, a.s. is joint controller of your personal data.

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List of cookies and their adjoining third party supplier

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Directly on the site (not from an Exclusive Supplier)

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Our website places cookies on your browser or device as long as you have this function activated in your browser settings. We use these cookies to improve the functionality of this website, analysis and interest-based advertising.