Environmental friendly

Why is the soup Vitana friendly to the planet?

Comparison of the carbon footprint of snacks

We make sure that the soups are friendly to the planet.

Environmental friendly product
  • We generate minimum waste during vegetable processing

    We generate minimum waste
    during vegetable processing

  • We have low transport and storage costs

    We have low transport
    and storage costs

  • Our soups are palm-oil free

    Our soups are
    palm-oil free

  • And we use electricity from renewable sources

    And we use electricity
    from renewable sources

Determination of the product carbon rating scale


The modified Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) method is used in the analysis. It is a measure of the total quantity of greenhouse gases released during the life cycle of a given product or service.

What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is a measure of the impact of human activity on the environment, particularly on the climate change on our planet. It is an indirect indicator of the consumption of energy, a product and services. The carbon footprint is not associated only with travel and logistics, but also gastronomy and the food industry or the fashion industry.


The study was prepared by the CI2 organisation

CI2, o. p. s. is a public benefit not-for-profit organization, which is focused on sustainability, the carbon and ecological footprint, environment or adaptation to climate change. It helps and educates the public administration, enterprises, educational institutions and the general public.

Czech Republic

The Czechs and climate change

We asked about how important environmental protection is to you:

  • 66% 66 %

    ...think that food production and animal farming have an impact on the environment or climate change.

  • 75% 75 %

    ...would welcome a label on the packaging that the products are more environmental friendly.

  • 3/4 3 / 4

    The Czech population state their efforts at reducing the impact on the climate – their carbon footprint.


The research was done by Kantar

Kantar is an international agency, which is engaged in both qualitative and quantitative research. It has expert knowledge in the areas of innovation, brands, communication and the customers themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is the carbon footprint a global issue?
  • What is the meaning of energy from renewable sources?

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