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The Present

Vitana is a modern food company which at the present time employs approximately 600 workers.

Our portfolio comprises more than 300 kinds of products made in three production plants (Byšice, Roudnice on Labe, Varnsdorf). Our top management resides in Stodůlky and our commercial branch for Slovak market is in Pezinok.

Development of new and innovative products is handled by our Development Department whose top priority is to refine the appearance, taste and aroma of our various products to meet the sophisticated flavour requirements of our domestic customers.

As of April 2013, we became part of the Norwegian multinational concern Orkla ASA – the leader in the Scandinavian market of branded food.

In 2018 Orkla has decided to integrate the companies Vitana and Hamé. The companies are both owned by Orkla but have been run as separate entities. The integrated company will be named Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko.

A short introduction of the Orkla company

The Orkla ASA company, listed on the stock exchange in Oslo, Norway leads the market in branded consumable goods in the field of food, toiletries and household products which are distributed in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

Orkla ASA also holds a substantial corner of the market in some product categories in Central Europe and India as well as leading the European market of bakery products. In addition, it is closely involved in the real estate business and in the field of aluminium products.

As of 31 December 2017, Orkla had 18,178 employees. The Group’s turnover in 2017 totalled NOK 39,6 billion.

Vitana´s Product Portfolio

The Vitana company specializes primarily in dehydrated and ready-made food and seasonings. Most people associate our brand principally with soups. However, our current portfolio is much wider and includes mainly products which may be used not only for cooking, but also for baking.

Besides traditional dehydrated soups, Vitana also offers instant soups, ready-made meals, instant ready-made meals, bouillons, liquid seasonings, sauces, short order meals, spices and mixtures of spices. Other categories of our products include side dishes such as rice, legumes, pasta and potato products.. The Vitana company also offers sweet products such as desserts and products for baking.

Food Service

Vitana also offers a wide range of products for public catering. Our products bring inspiration for customers of the HoReCa segment (hotels, restaurants, catering) as well as catering for schools or canteens. The product portfolio of the Vitana Food Service consists of 300 products mostly in the area of bouillons, spices and side dishes.

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Food Ingredients

Unit Vitana Food Ingredients (VFI) was established in 2003 as the result of moving part of our food ingredients production from Norway to Vitana. In 2004, the transfer of new technology in ingredience production was successfully completed and since mid 2005, the production of food ingredients has been performed in the Bysice factory.

At the present time, VFI is considered to be the European market leader in the categories of HVP (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins) and Beef Extracts in powdered foods. The market share in both categories continues to increase dynamically year after year.

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Production Plants

Currently, the Vitana company operates its production activities in three locations in the Czech Republic - Byšice, Varnsdorf, and Roudnice on Labe. The plants in Varnsdorf (spices, mixtures of spices) and in Roudnice on Labe (rice and legumes) provide relatively simple production technologies,such as milling, stirring and packing. The Byšice plant in which soups, bouillons, ready-made meals, liquid seasonings are produced offers unique state-of-the-art technology not only within the Czech Republic, but for Europe as a whole.

The differences in technological demands for production within individual plants does not imply differences in demands of production quality. Each plant complies with the standards for food production on the level of requirements as established by the country which the exported product is intended, For instance rice is packed in Roudnice on Labe for Norwegian and Swedish markets. In Varnsdorf, spices and mixtures of spices are produced also for Scandinavia, and products for foreign customers in the area of retail and catering are produced in the Byšice plant.

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